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22nd Agronomy Australia Conference
Northern Territory - 2026

Possible dates

23-26 March 2026  or  20-23 July 2026


Conference Venue

Darwin Convention Centre, Darwin

Possible theme/s

  • Natural resources (climate, soil and water): Managing resources for improving farm productivity, reducing costs of production, and increasing profitability.

  • Biosecurity, Pests (insects, diseases, and weeds) and IPM: Identifying beneficial and pest species, remote monitoring and management possibilities.

  • Ag Tech, innovation, and Data: Investing in smart farms by employing artificial intelligence to streamline farm operations, and improving efficiency profitability.

  • GEM: Genetics, Environment and Management: Developing climate resilient varieties of crops for sustainable production; benchmarking production regions; and standardising their production technology.

  • Diversification: Introducing new crops and expansion of established crops into new geographical regions.

  • Value addition and markets: Creating value to improve supply chain performance, understanding market dynamics and delivering products to meet consumers’ expectations.

  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange: Building human capacity and facilitating knowledge exchange across regions for growing crops for the growing world population.


Possible Field Trips
Douglas Daly Research Farm of the Northern Territory Government
Katherine Research Station of the Northern Territory Government
Frank Wise Institute of Tropical Agricultural Research, Kununurra, Western Australia
Climate-smart farming (commercial farm in the Top End)
Cotton Gin, Katherine
Export Hub, Darwin


Field visits will include a stopover for lunch at a popular point of visitor’s attraction.


Congratulations NT - the 2026 EOI was approved by members at the 2022 Australian Agronomy Conference.

To express interest in being involved with the NT conference please contact 
Dr Muhammad Sohail Mazhar, 
Director Plant Industries, Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
(08) 8999 2202

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The 22nd Australian Agronomy Conference Planning Committee members:

  • Muhammad Sohail Mazhar, Director Plant Industries, DITT

  • Chelsea Moore, DITT

  • Edward Mwando, DITT

  • Upendra Shekhawat, DITT

  • Girija Page, DITT

  • Salman Quddus, DITT

  • Caroline Petite, DITT

  • Jason Hill, Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security of the Northern Territory Government

  • Ali Bajwa, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

  • Penny Wurm, Charles Darwin University

  • Kamaljit Sangha, Charles Darwin University

  • Surya Bhattarai, CQ University

  • Chengyuan Xu, CQ University

  • Stephen Yeates, CSIRO

  • Simone Cameron, Northern Territory Farmers Association Inc.


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