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Society Awards


Agronomy Australia honours significant contributors to the industry through several awards conferred at the Conference:

  • the CM Donald Medal for Agronomy

  • Fellowships of the Society

  • young Agronomists

  • and where appropriate posthumous awards

2024 Award nomination forms will become available in January 2024

CM Donald Medal for Agronomy

The C.M. Donald Medal is the most prestigious Australian award in Agronomy named in the honour of Professor Colin Malcolm Donald.

It is awarded to an eminent agronomist.









The 2022 Donald Medal was awarded to Dr Brian Keating, formerly CSIRO (1981 – 2020), currently Adjunct Professor, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), University of Queensland (right).

Read Dr Keating's Donald Oration:      From white pegs to silicon chips: Fifty years (1973-2022) of Australian agronomy  


In 2012 the Society introduced Fellowships.  Winners of the Fellowships will be designated as Fellows of the Australian Society of Agronomy. Fellowships shall be awarded for important contributions to agronomy.

Three Fellowships were awarded at the 2022 Australian Agronomy Conference:

  1. Professor Shu Fukai                                         

  2. Professor Derrick Moot  (left)                                              

  3.  Professor Victor Sadras (right)


See previous Australian Society of Agronomy Fellows    



Young Agronomist of the Year  

In 2006 the Society introduced a Young Agronomist of the Year award to increase awareness and opportunities for younger members of the profession. 

Two Young Agronomist Awards were presented at the 2022 Australian Agronomy Conference             

  1. Corrinne Celestina (left)                                                     

  2. Bonnie Flohr (right)

See previous Young Agronomist Award Recipients   




Posthumous certificate of recognition

2019 - Dr Neil Fettell NSW



Emeritus Professor Colin Malcolm Donald


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