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Australia New Zealand 2018 Biochar Conference

August 14-16, 2018   Gold Coast Queensland./

10th Australasian Soilborne Disease Symposium

September 4-7, 2018   Adelaide  SA

Australian New Zealand Biochar conference details

The 10th Australasian Soilborne Disease Symposium is scheduled to be held at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide during September 4th to 7th, 2018. The meeting targets to appeal to researchers, students and agricultural industry representatives from rainfed, irrigated and intensive cropping industries including grains, cotton, sugar, vegetable, fruit and forest industries.  Experts from within Australia and international experts will present new insights in disease control by addressing natural disease suppression, plant disease resistance modifying soil microbes, agrochemical use, on-farm biosecurity, new tools for diagnostics etc.

The meeting will have a specific day with a grower focus incorporating disease management and bio-security issues. Technical workshops on ‘field sampling strategy and experimental design’, ‘nematode diagnostics’, ' discovery of actinobacteria’ and ‘Predicta B’ will be held prior to the conference.

Full details about speakers and registration are available at the conference website

10th Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium image

2019 Australian Agronomy Conference

August 25 - 29 Wagga Wagga NSW

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