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Agricultural research for international development


Current round of the WA Crawford Fund Student Award: 17th of March

Specifically intended for WA Honours and Postgrad students to travel overseas and gain experience in agricultural research and development

Award: up to 3 000 $/pers. for travel fares etc.  More info here.

Please sent applications, queries and expressions of interest to:    |  0419268904  |   0893390762     (Program Coordinator WA)

Travel Grants (Study Awards)

Since its establishment in 1964 the AW Howard Memorial Trust has awarded more than 300 Travel Grants (called “Study Awards” on the Trust’s website) to pasture researchers and extension workers, in many cases post-graduate students and early-career researchers, to allow them to attend and present their research at national and international conferences relevant to pastures or to undertake study tours in pursuit of their research goals. The Trust is now seeking applications for Study Awards in 2017. Each successful applicant will receive up to $5,000 in support of travel costs. 


Note: This is the call for applications for support to attend the forthcoming 18th Australian Agronomy Conference, Ballarat, 24-28 September 2017 and the forthcoming 19th Australian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference, Port Augusta, 24-28 September. Pity about the clash of dates.


Australian Graziers or Rangeland Pastoralists Study Award

This Award is to enable an Australian pastoralist (farmer, grazier or rangeland pastoralist) to undertake a study tour (in Australia or overseas) to examine pastoral systems and practices that will deliver economic, environmental or social benefits to Australian pastures or rangelands or to rural communities. An amount of up to $20,000 may be provided to the successful applicant.



Small Grants-in-Aid (up to $5,000) are awarded to Australian organisations, associations or individuals for projects that will promote the goals of the AW Howard Memorial Trust. Details are available as outlined below.


Further information

Further information is available on the attached brochure and on the Trust’s web site ( You are also welcome to contact me if you need more information or advice.


Submission of applications (all awards)

Those who wish to apply for an AW Howard Memorial Trust award should visit the Howard Trust website, click on the relevant award, download the application form and submit their application to the Trust’s Executive Officer (Ms Jo Slade) before 31 March. Applicants are advised to email applications using the Trust’s email address:

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