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Young Agronomist Award Recipients

The Australian Society of Agronomy Inc. offers the Young Agronomist Award to recognise excellence in research and/or the application of science related to agronomy to an agronomist aged under 36 years.  The award is made on the basis of the young agronomist’s contribution to either research, teaching and education, their publication record and relevance of other communications to both the scientific and non-scientific community and previous recognition and awards such as invited papers at conferences and travel awards.

"I was honoured to be awarded a 2022 Young Agronomist Award by the Australian Society of Agronomy in recognition of my contribution to agricultural research. It is very humbling to be included on the honour roll with the previous award recipients, all of whom are agronomists that I respect and admire. I’m grateful to the many mentors and role models who have guided me in my career so far – this award is also a testament to them, and to the amazing industry that we work in.

I gained foundational experience in research and extension at Southern Farming Systems, before undertaking my PhD at La Trobe University. Since then I have worked at both La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne as a Research Fellow in crop agronomy, working on a range of projects related to cereal physiology and phenology, nitrogen and water productivity, and on-farm decision making. I hope that I can continue to contribute to innovative, evidence-based and industry-relevant research for the Australian grains industry.

The generous travel grant provided by the Society will be used to fund a trip to the XVIII Congress of the European Society of Agronomy in France in August 2024. Much like the Australian conference, the European Society of Agronomy conference is a biennial event designed to ‘promote the exchange of scientific and practical experience between experts in agronomy.’ This is a much-anticipated trip after many COVID-related delays! At the conference I intend to present our recent work on assessing and characterising phenological development in wheat and barley."

Dr Corinne Celestinna final.png

Dr Corinne Celestina (The University of Melbourne)
Dr Bonnie Flohr (CSIRO)


Dr Felicity Harris (NSW DPI)
Dr Matthew Harrison (UTAS)


Ms Loretta Serafin

Dr James Hunt 


Jason Brand (DPI, Victoria)

Barry Haskins (I&I, NSW)


Dr Kenton Porker (SARDI)


Ms Louise Flohr (AgriLink Ag Cons)

Mr Rohan Brill (NSW DPI)


Lindsay Bell (CSIRO Toowoomba)

Graeme Doole (University of WA)



Andrew Whitlock (DPI, Victoria)

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